Sunday, April 6, 2008


Forex Killer was created by Andreas Kirchberger, an expert in trading the forex market. He makes a comfort income trading forex. He is a former forex advisor for Deutsche Bank and that makes him an expert in forex analysis.

Now My Forex Killer System
Forex Killer is one of the working forex signal generator i have ever tried. I trade with Oanda, i have tried many forex software but they all never get the right forecast for me. Sometimes their forex generator works while sometimes it doesn't. If it makes me money the next day i trade i lose the whole money I've made which to me is of use. I was reading a post in a forum one day when i discovered forex killer, it was like they are all the same. I ignored it and continued what i was doing.

During this time i have left the forex market for long a time because i wasn't making anything from it so i never border myself anytime i see any hype around about forex. I even used a software to block all the keys in my computer that can detect forex ads because i never wanted the memories of the losses i made in it to occur to me again. I never had any luck trading forex, dont know whether i would say that forex is not made for people like me.

A friend of mine told me how forex killer again, he recommended i should try it out. This time i decided to give it a try. I bought the Forex Killer and tested it out, the first it said i should buy, i bought and it worked. The next day the same, i had followed what forex killer said i should do for 15 times and it was successfully, while it has failed me 6 times but i made lot of profits from it rather than the other other ones whereby i make and i lose. Which are all vanity upon vanity. As you know forex is also coupled with substantial risk so i trade wisely.

I must add that Forex Killer was what i wanted in a forex software. It really works like magic, i have no regret purchasing the software because it delivered what it promised. Another good part about forex killer is that you don't need experience about forex to be able to trade because it tells you when to buy and when to sell thereby making things easy for you rather than thinking and estimating over and over again when to buy and when to sell. If you have been losing in forex, you are not alone, now is your opportunity to explode your earnings with forex killer software.

Below is some frequently asked questions and answers about Forex Killer System

Q: I am new to forex trading, can i still use Forex Killer?
A: The answer is yes because forex killer software made for both professionals and beginners. When you purchase forex killer software you will also receive along with it a forex learning book which would teach you on what forex is all about, how to read market charts etc.

Q: Does Forex Killer have monthly subscription fees?
A: Forex Killer only require a onetime fee, after paying their onetime fee you will never ever pay any other fees again. The software will be able to create the market signals for you as in when to buy and sell.

Q: Whats the minimum amount needed to start trading?
A: I recommend you should start with a demo first to familiarize you with some steps. The amount you need to start depends on the forex broker you are trading with.

Q: Will i find it difficult to learn and implement forex killer software?
A: According to forex killer inventor, most of the people that bought the software starts trading the next day. Forex killer software provides you with all the detailed instructions you need in order to successfully start to trade with ease.

Q: What kinds of currency pairs does forex killer software have?
A: The software was made to cover all the currency used in forex trading like USD/JP, USD/CH, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/USD.

Q: Does the signal work for intratrading?
A: As for what i have experienced with it, it works for many time frames from 5 minutes to 1 hour for intraday trading and 4H to 1Week for long term daily trading.

Q: Where can I get the price data to feed the program?
A: Forex killer provides list of top working brokers.

Q: What kind of Internet connection and computer hardware do I need?
A: It works in all internet connection depending on your trading methods.

Q: Is Customer Support available?
A: Forex killer offers customer support. It works efficiently, i was able to get a reply within 30minutes when i had a problem with the link they sent to me to use to download the software and i was guided successfully.

Q: Does Forex Killer traders offer refunds?
A: If you didn't profit from the software, they would refund you your money without asking questions.

Q: Can the software become outdated?
A: It can never be outdated, your initial purchase entitles you with future updates for life. Inventor of forex killer also uses the software to trade. So you will continue to make money wit forex killer software for life.